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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 20, (Friday, July 18th)

From: Baltimore, MD
To: Summit, NJ
Miles: 302 miles
Time in the car: 6 hours
Weather conditions: Sunny
Traffic conditions: OK


Today’s road:

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Events: (Times given in EST)
10:00 AM, Leaving the hotel
11:00 AM, Crossing border to Delaware
12:00 PM, Crossing border to Pennsylvania
01:30 PM, Crossing border to New Jersey
11:30 PM, Arrived at home

A special day since it’s the last one. And it was not the most resting one.

First thing we did was to visit Philadelphia and see some building around. Especially the building where the Constitution and the Declaration of independence were written and signed.

Next step was Atlantic City for a late lunch and a great walk along the beach, shoes off and feet in the water! Very nice.

On the way back home, we called Major (a class mate living in Princeton) and we passed by his place to drink a beer together. It’s been a while I didn’t see him, and even more for Pifi & Spi. And it’s will be probably a long time before I see him :S

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Nicolas said...

Thanks for blogging your trip !! It was really nice to follow your journey... was cool to see you guys in San Jose as well :-)